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LLM Powered Contract Generation for UAE based firm

LLM Powered Contract Generation for UAE based firm

Our valued client is a leading recruitment agency based in the United Arab Emirates, specializing in providing top-tier contract employees to a diverse array of companies. Renowned for their commitment to excellence, they boast a dynamic team dedicated to matching the right talent with the right opportunities.

Challenges/Problem Statement:

The recruitment agency encountered a formidable challenge: the monthly generation of contracts for more than hundreds of contract employees, each working with various client companies. This task was not only immense but also highly resource intensive. The existing manual process demanded a significant workforce, including lawyers and administrators, who tirelessly drafted, reviewed, and distributed these contracts each month. The inefficiency of this approach was evident, consuming valuable time and resources while introducing the risk of errors and delays in contract issuance.


Contracts iQ automated contract generation, eliminating labour-intensive manual processes and allowing for swift and accurate contract creation. This automation significantly reduced the agency’s reliance on a large workforce of lawyers and administrators, freeing up these resources for more strategic tasks.

The platform provided a library of predefined contract templates, which were customized to cater to the agency’s specific needs. These templates ensured consistency and compliance in contract language and structure, saving time by eliminating the need to create contracts from scratch for each employee.

Contracts iQ leveraged the power of iQ Suite LLM to rapidly extract crucial contract details such as dates, terms, obligations, and liabilities. This minimized the risk of oversight and error while greatly enhancing the overall efficiency of the contract generation process. The agency could trust that all vital contract information was accurately captured.

The system featured an intelligent suggestion engine that offered valuable guidance and recommendations during contract creation. This feature helped the agency’s team make informed decisions, enhancing the overall quality of the contracts. It also boosted productivity by reducing the time spent on revisions and ensuring that contracts were precise from the outset.

Results and Benefits:

With Contracts iQ in place, the recruitment agency witnessed a remarkable reduction in the time required for contract generation. The labour-intensive, time-consuming manual process was replaced with a swift and automated workflow, resulting in an impressive 98% reduction in the time spent on contract generation.

The large workforce of lawyers and administrators, previously dedicated to manual contract generation, saw a strategic reallocation of their skills and expertise. This optimization led to a 40% reduction in labour costs, improving overall resource allocation.

Contracts iQ’s automation and predefined templates ensured a 99.5% accuracy rate in contract compliance. All contracts consistently met compliance requirements and adhered to predefined standards. This impressive accuracy rate reduced the risk of legal disputes by 95%, enhancing the agency’s reputation for delivering precise and legally sound contracts to their clients.

Contracts iQ virtually eliminated the risk of errors and oversights in contracts, resulting in a 98% reduction in error-related costs. The system’s accuracy and automation ensured that all contracts were meticulously crafted, reducing the potential for costly mistakes and legal complications.


Contracts iQ has emerged as a game-changing solution for our client, the leading UAE-based recruitment agency. By automating their contract generation process, the agency has achieved remarkable efficiency gains, resource optimization, and improved accuracy and compliance. Contracts iQ has empowered them to manage their contract workforce more effectively, ensuring they can continue to deliver exceptional talent to their client companies.

This case study underscores the incredible transformation that Contracts iQ has brought to the recruitment agency, elevating their contract generation process to new heights of efficiency, accuracy, and success.

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