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3 sure-fire ways to increase productivity

3 sure-fire ways to increase productivity

We’ve all, at some point during work, felt like everything around us is in slow motion, those days when we stare at a blank excel sheet for hours on end and nothing gets done. In such a fast-paced world, making the most of the time we have is key. It’s all about time management and efficient juggling of tasks. Here are 3 ways you can improve productivity and get things done faster than before.

Make to-do list

Every morning, before you start work, plan how your day is going to be. Make a list of things to do that day or week and set reminders on your calendars for any deadlines that you may have to keep up with. Doing so would not only make sure you are in control of things but also keep your anxiety at bay, as there is nothing during the day that will shock you and make you run at the last minute. You’ll know exactly what’s in line next and go about the day with a positive attitude.

Finish smaller tasks

If you ever find yourself in an unproductive situation, try doing this. Add some trivial tasks to your to-do list, like ‘clean work desk’, or ‘buy groceries’ or even ‘drink a mug of water’ (hey, it’s your list!); whatever trivial task that you would easily complete and check off on the list. When we’re stuck in a rut of unproductivity, sometimes, merely ticking things off our list gives us a sense of accomplishment.

Listen to good music

Good music puts us all in a great mood, but it’s better not to listen to songs that have lyrics. Melodious instrumentals are better for concentrating on your work. Better yet, search for ‘study music’ or ‘work music’ on YouTube and you will find a plethora of instrumentals to listen to. What works better are listening to certain frequencies or binaural beats, 14 to 30 Hz, for better concentration. However, refrain from listening to frequencies and binaural beats if you are operating heavy machinery or driving (if you are doing these, you can stick to light instrumentals).

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