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Why Choose Salesforce

Why Choose Salesforce

Salesforce has dominated the worldwide CRM market since its dawn. With a market share of 19.8%, it is the single largest player in the market followed by  Oracle and SAP. Salesforce has performed unique research and has come up with battle-tested strategies from 20+ years of CRM experience.

One platform for all

Unite sales, service, marketing, commerce, integration, analytics and more to give your company a single source of truth about your customers.

Achieving Your Business Objectives

The purpose of CRM is to establish long-lasting relationships with your customers which in turn drives business growth through customer loyalty. Salesforce manages your customer information so you can see it all in one place. It allows sales reps to store the data on prospects to ensure relevant information is ready at each interaction along the customer purchase process. Plus, it quickly provides metrics related to visibility and forecasting.

Salesforce simplifies your sales and marketing process with actionable insights and innovative strategies that enable your organization to reach its peak performance. It provides a 360-degree customer view and literally functions like a lead converter machine. Everything is automated to such a degree that the hottest lead would fall right into your lap. 

On average, customers see a 37% increase in revenue with Sales Cloud. Salesforce is the ideal tool to have a 360-degree view of your sales pipeline and how your business is doing. It tracks the journey of the leads in the pipeline to check whether they are getting converted into deals or not, if not then you get to know the why and ultimately with this data you get in-depth inferences and helps in strategizing and analyzing which in turn gives a brilliant forecast on sales. With Sales Cloud, you can always build upon your current success by implementing new features.

In this digitally-driven economy, the success of a business pivots around epic and explosive marketing. Each and every customer is unique to an extent, Salesforce’s AI-powered personalisation helps to connect, extend and nurture these relationships. Salesforce can automatically run multiple campaigns from a single platform which provides you with insights with real-time analysis about the performance of the same. From email campaigns to social media campaigns, Salesforce keeps a note of each step and informs you which campaigning is doing better.

Do You Face These Challenges?

Inefficient proposals

Landing New Business

Disjointed Sales Processes

Handling Pricing Negotiations

Building Strategic Partnerships

Identifying New Sales Channels

Building a Corporate Brand

Maximizing Word of Mouth 

 Timing Marketing Activities

Measuring Marketing Initiatives

Building Effective Marketing Strategies 

We Help Businesses
Implement And Optimize Salesforce

BlueHex brings in Salesforce’s best minds in CRM and organization leadership to help customers realize all the benefits possible from transitioning into a single, global Salesforce platform. Our first-hand experience makes us uniquely qualified to handle even the most complex Salesforce project and help each of our clients. We manage end to end design, architecture, development, deployment and day two support. Leaving no stone unturned.

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